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A real family affair

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, sits Stud Farm, home to BG & LD Rich.

Covering 250 acres, the Rich family have being farming land for four generations.  Having purchased Stud Farm in 2000, it is now managed and run by brothers Ben and Lawrence, the legacy continues with Stud Farm thriving as part of the local Gloucestershire community.

Having established themselves as successful farmers in their own right, Ben and Lawrence set up BG & LD Rich to complement their farming as a service and supplier assisting other local community members with farming and livestock needs.  

With a fleet of farm vehicles, BG & LD Rich are well equipped for the rigours of farm life as the seasons shift from planting through harvesting.  We supply top quality hay and haylage for the equine market, all home grown by the Rich brothers.

With over 50 years personal experience, the local farming and livestock-keeping community in the surrounding South-West and East Midlands benefit from the Rich expertise and hands-on knowledge plus, by using BG & LD Rich, support their fellow countrymen in return. 

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